IPv6 assign public IPs to each device

From what I've seen from ISPs offering IPv6, it is common to offer a block of addresses. How does this work on OpenWRT?. I know that IPv6 is a solution to the cgNAT hell of IPv4, with the intention of bringing back P2P. Is it thus possible to assign addresses from this block to devices connected to the router? If it's possible, what page in the wiki documents this process?
I tried reading the documentation in the wiki but to be honest most of it is going over my head.

A default installation does exactly this. Clients get via DHCPv6 address which is global reachable. You can also set static addresses. In this case you specifify only the host part of the address because the prefix can change.

For now I just save all the details and possible scenarios.
But yes if your ISP gives you a proper prefix via prefix delegation and not only a single /64 then without any further settings a default OpenWrt installation gives you that

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