IPv4 in /etc/protocols

Can someone please tell me why, for protocol 4, it's listed as:

ipencap 4 IP-ENCAP # IP encapsulated in IP (officially ``IP'')

In the official list, it's:

4 IPv4 IPv4 encapsulation [RFC2003]

Formatting and ordering aside.

Indeed, why is /etc/protocols, so short and missing so many entries?

Compared to my Debian (on the right) it is not so different, nor misses that much.



There's always one... Certainly on suse, it's kept up to date. Although I see on freebsd it is the same, somewhat lacking version.

The nmap version, which it alludes to, seems up to date, but having to install that to get the "correct" version seems overkill.

I therefore, humbly and respectively, request that it is updated, since when you need it, then you really need it, and I really need it...

You're free to submit a pull request containing an updated version to the OpenWRT github repo.

  • I use IP Protocol 4 regularly here. I don't understand the issue - what problem is it causing?
  • What are you asking it be renamed to?
  • For others - isn't the protocols file some some other upstream package?

I always assume it was labeled that way so as not to confuse it with IP Protocol No. 94 (called "IPIP - IP-within-IP Encapsulation Protocol").

I want to make sure there's no issues with my setup. Thanks.

In the official list, protocol 4 is IPv4 and is labeled as such. Calling it ipencap, imho, is confusing. IPv6 is referenced as such, why not v4?

As to why... just my needs.

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OK cool.

In case someone else does have an issue: years ago I started referencing it as "4" (e.g. in firewall rules, etc.). This worked across all OSes, platforms, etc.