IPTV through a virtual machine on openwrt x64 really?

Hi all openwrt geeks! =)
I have a rather unusual situation, I have an Openwrt virtual machine 18.06.4, on a PC that has a 1 - 10 gigabit optical network card and a 1 - 1 gigabit LAN adapter that the non-managed switch is connected to. PC can not IGMP snooping, a managed switch can solve this problem. But I wanted to find out if it could really be done? Or you can do without the unmanaged switch and vlan ports on the openwrt itself?

The following connection scheme is assumed, where an unmanaged switch can be replaced with a managed switch, for example TP-LINK TL-SG105E with the support IGMP snooping V1/V2/V3

HostOS:? ( in diagram -> w16 )
Virtualisation Product: ?

Short answer, don't think so ( athough, a low-overhead-tunnel between the iptv if it supports it and the guest-vm might be very dirty workaround ) ... long answer.... read the manual for your unmanaged switch.... some unmanaged switches perform auto-magic IGMP filtering...

yup, host os windows server 2016, virtualization environment, respectively - hyper-v. Сurrently stands (where there is no managed switch in the diagram) D-Link GO-SW-5G, he does not know how to do anything other than to share Internet traffic. I can replace it with TP-LINK TL-SG105E, which in theory has IGMP snooping.
I understand the answer to this question will be that it is possible, provided the switch is replaced, but how would it be in theory? =)