IPTV STB behind a Vlan aware switch


What I am trying is to make IPTV work with a vlan aware switch in between the router and the STB device. My ISP does not use any igmp proxying or something like that, The only requirement is to send STB packets directly to the ISP switch (in the apartment) over the router tagged with a Vlan Id 103 (Vlan 103 is the ISP IPTV network).

My setup as a whole as fallows:

Netgear WAX202 is my openwrt router.
Router WAN port connected to ISP switch in the apartment by ethernet cable.
Router LAN2 port connected to VLAN aware switch's port-5(Trunk).
STB for IPTV is connected to port-1 of the VLAN aware switch.

My assumption was :

If I use Vlan aware switch and configure a port on it with vlan Id 103 and connect it to STB and to the router all will be ok, since 103 tagged packets entering the rooter will only go to the ISP VLAN 103 network and incoming pockets form ISP`s VLAN 103 network will be routed to STB.

Then I configured the switch as follows


and configured the router`s br-lan interface as follows

But openwrt did not even except and commit this change :slight_smile:

Can you help me to figure out what`s wrong.
Thank you.

two weaks and no answer , thanks.

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