IPTV Problem on Archer C6 V2

I am using TP-LINK Archer C6 V2 with the following configuration: LAN Ports 2 & 3 for IPTV, LAN Ports 1 & 4 for internet.
The problem is that the IPTV does not work. Previously the IPTV was working on TL-WR841N with the same configuration. I don't know what the problem is.

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Your wr841n uses eth1 specifically for the wan port, lan ports use eth0.X . But Archer C6 then use the virtual port eth0.2 for wan, your configuration above was wrong.
Please provide detailed configuration "/etc/config/network" on wr841n.

Actually, the problem turned out to be on my isp's side. I tried to put back my old 841n and all of a sudden the tv wouldn't work with it too, even though i didn't change any settings. So i called my isp's helpdesk and they did some kind of reset on their side, after which the iptv started working on the Archer C6 with the configuration from the picture above. :slightly_smiling_face:

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