IPTV over wifi instead of cable

Hi. I have new IPTV setup from my provider. However they require cable connecting TV settop box and their router, going to one concrete LAN port on the router. For my environment cable is a problem, I would like to replace it with wifi. I have two small TP MR3020 routers which worked with OpenWRT, they can be repurposed. My final setup would be like

provider router ---(cable)--- LEDE ---(wifi)--- LEDE ---(cable)--- settop box

However,I have no idea how to configure LEDE for this. It must be totally transparent and settop box should think it is connected directly to provider router, also getting IP directly from that router. I don't know what magic they do, when I conect computer to that specific LAN port, it work, but when I connect TV to any other port, it does not work, so they definitely have something special set just for that port.
What I think I need (I am not network expert at all) is LEDE-wifi-LEDE to behave as a switch or hub, no routing, nothing there. I have no idea how to achieve that.

Could anybody help?
Thank you

"WDS" is probably the easiest to configure, assuming your chipset supports it and you don't need to pass VLAN tags (and you have enough bandwidth for the link).

One reference is https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/atheroswds

Seems entirely plausible that Vlan could be required though. It'd be useful to Wireshark the connection first to know what your traffic needs to look like

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Very likely VLANs are involved. If it is only one VLAN you could use a WDS link (though it does not carry VLANs) and apply tags at the Ethernet ports going in and out of the two MR3020s.

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Probably your ISP filters the multicast traffic so that it only passes through a specific port of your router, and blocks it in the other ports. This is done so that the multicast traffic produced by IPTV does not flood the network and kill it, especially the Wi-Fi network, which is very sensitive to multicast. So if you manage to communicate the two LEDE routers via a bridge or WSD, you will have to filter the multicast traffic on the LEDE routers, or sooner or later they will die in the attempt.
Maybe in this forum some guru will tell you what rules can make the miracle. It has something to do with IGMP Snooping, IGMP Proxy, and QoS.
I myself am very interested in how to filter the multicast traffic so that the Wi-Fi networks do not fall, since the majority of the connections to the Internet are fiber with TV and often give this problem many times. People turn off and turn on the ISP router to recover the service, but they do not know why it stops working.
My two cents...