Iptime A3004T cross compile

i have a A3004T hardware
but openwrt support only snapshot firmware of device
so, i cant install openvswitch with using cross-compile
Does anyone have home solutions?
best regards

If you flash a fresh snapshot, you can install openvswitch and other packages depending on kernel modules for a limited time (snapshots are roughly rebuilt on a daily basis) - you just can't let an older snapshot sit a little longer and then decide to install additional kernel modules.

Alternatively you can do your own builds (be it via imagebuilder or from source, using the full toolchain) and build & include whatever you need into you snapshot firmware images.

Yes, kernel modules are also mirrored in the repos for a little longer now, but opkg doesn't really work with that - so it's probably easier not to rely on this.

... Or clone the package repository at the same time as DLing the snapshot image, then use your local copy when installing the packages.