Iptables on d-link dwr-921

Hi, i have upgrade the openwrt firmware on the dlink dwr-921, because I need to enter this string (provided by the manufacturer) to block data from the LAN network to which a sonar is connected:
The iptables is:

iptables –A INPUT –d –j drop

I tried to add it both to the firewall file and to the firewall.user, but when I go to restart the firelwall the system releases errors.
Can anyone help me??
Best regards Salvatore

Your command is corrupted, iptables does not accept arguments starting with en dash (), you must use the regular hypen/minus character (-, ASCII 0x2d).

Use the following command instead:

iptables -A INPUT -d -j drop

The use of such faulty character is usually involuntary and caused by autocorrect features in Microsoft Word/Outlook, see https://superuser.com/questions/1154118/prevent-character-or-word-auto-corrections-in-microsoft-word. If you can, avoid using such application to store technical documentation (unless you know how to adjust autocorrect).


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