Iptables not working

OpenWrt is running on RaspberryPi 3B.
I’m trying to block certain IPs with iptables.
Added Custom Rule through luci
iptables -I INPUT -s -j DROP
Restarted Firewall
When I run iptables -L the rule is at the beginning of the chain and should work, but it doesn’t.
I’m testing from an iPhone which has an IP in 107.x.x.x range.

Run this one and paste here the output. Make sure you have tried a few times before with the phone, so there will be hits on the counters.
iptables -L -vn; iptables -t nat -L -vn; iptables -t mangle -L -nv

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Thanks, I found another topic on this issue.
I should have been using FORWARD chain not INPUT.
There is one important rule I often forget:
If all else fails read the instructions

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