IPSEC vti-interface

I tried to use the ipsec VTI for server + roadwarrior mobiles.....Is this still applicable or is already old?
Anyhow openwrt doesnt find any suitable luci-proto-vti for it so I tried to set it up manualy...with this...but no traffic comes to it and routing + firewall rules does not work...I used the mark traffic but couldnt find the default ipsec policy key....mark.

config interface 'ipsec'
option tunlink 'lan'
option ifid '1'
option ifname 'ip_vti01'
option peeraddr ''
option proto 'static'
list dns ''
list ipaddr ''
option zone 'ipsec'
option ikey 2
option okey 2

None have a clue? Should I move any other direction? XFRM? Seems not to be working either in 19.07