IPSEC tool unavailble in stock LEDE image for RPI3

Hi, I am using stock LEDE image version (17.01.0, r3205-59508e3).
I am trying to use the ipsec tool to configure the VPN client connection. looks like
ipsec binary is missing in /bin and /usr/sbin as well.
I just check the opkg installed list.
and found following packages are installed. but still ipsec binary is unavailable.
strongswan - 5.5.1-1
strongswan-charon - 5.5.1-1
iptables-mod-ipsec - 1.4.21-2
kmod-ipsec - 4.4.50-1
kmod-ipsec4 - 4.4.50-1
kmod-ipsec6 - 4.4.50-1
kmod-ipt-ipsec - 4.4.50-1

please let me know, if someone had this issue and resolved it.


/usr/sbin/ipsec is provided by strongswan-utils, you'll have to install it (and quite a bit more).