Ipsec based open vpn using strongwan and LUCI customize firmware

Hi members...
i am new in this filed so i want have a question?

i have 2 devices mikrotik hex now i want to make connection between them through ethernet and transfer data through esp and work on openvpn and ipsec and use strongswan and luci can you help me to do this i want custom firmware in both mikrotik hex and i use openwrt..and can you exactly tell me ackges of stronswan and luci that i use to make custome firmware...

installing strongswan pulls

i use in make menuconfig in openwrt

you asked about the (p)ackages, you got the (p)ackages

Leaving directory '/home/shahzaib/openwrt/feeds/packages/net/strongswan'
time: package/feeds/packages/strongswan/compile#0.26#0.12#0.32
ERROR: package/feeds/packages/strongswan failed to build.
i got this error

Beneath the error, there is a line with instructions (re-run make with V=s). Do this and check the output again.

As an alternative, use the firmware-selector at http://firmware-selector.openwrt.org to build the image without having to use an own build system.

been there, done that - I am installing the firmware on mikrotik router but when i compile custome firmware it give me error

Oh well, I didn't notice this thread.

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but actually i want to build my custom firmware..

i do but compilation fail

If you just need to include packages but you don't have to apply patches by yourself do yourself a favor and just use the image builder. Or explain why you think you have to compile everything...

i need to cutomize everything in routers according to my need so i need this

that's no reason to compile the tool chain, the kernel and every package your self and not just use the image builder and include all needed packages and config files.

Again, why do you think you have to compile it yourself? Are you applying patches? Do you use funky compiler options?

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i need to customize the router with my own choice

sorry but I get the impression you just simply won't get it what you have been asked and you simply don't know what you want nor need.

@Shahzaib stop sending me your compiler errors as PM!

Just answer the fukking simply question why you have to compile and can't just use the fukking image builder!

i used image builder and select the packages and compile them but i get error and i request you but you behave like a bad guy... any way i solve by my own way...

Please refer to https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/additional-software/imagebuilder

And post your config and how you executed make image, and if you encounter an error. I still doubt that you are using the Image builder. The image builder is not doing any compilation. If will just build a firmware image from already compiled packages which will get downloaded.

The build system https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-developer/toolchain/use-buildsystem is a totally different thing.

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Just to make one point clear: You are the one who's sending error messages as images in private messages (I received them, too) where they do not belong. More people will see it and can help if you post them as text as they are in your terminal. And I don't like receiving these messages, either!

But since you solved it your own way anyway...