IPQ807x SoC Investigation / Status [WIP]

you mean mainline kernel by "outside of QSDK"?

Yes, especially WCSS and ath11k drivers as other things should be the same.

fingers crossed :wink:

I have seen the Q6 timeout, with some firmware versions.

How do you know this is rev1 HW ?

Edit check the stock QSDK logs, you should see "Skip QCA8074V1 in V2 platform" on anything V2

According to the fcc internal photos it's a ipq8074 002 (without the a) and that's a ipq8074 hw revision v1 i believe.
Additionally QSDK uses q6 firmware labeled hw revision v1.

There is nothing in the logs regarding "Skip QCA8074V1 in V2 platform"

Edit: it's the other way around:

Skip QCA8074V2 in V1 platform

I have only the q6 firmware version from QSDK 10 and from the gpl dump. none of these works.
I haven't found any other fw versions.

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Maybe an interesting new device (depends on the pricetag of course)

Firmware is available here, but it's encrypted somehow :frowning:


Internal antennas might be a let down, but on the surface it at least passes the "could be supported" test.

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I would expect a price tag in the 500 USD/ EUR range, at least.

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Nah... 299 ~ 349.

Hi all,

I noticed this week that Qualcomm has some new QSDK branches up for the IPQ family. It looks like they are working on rebasing on OpenWrt 19.07 and Linux kernel 5.4. The development looks very active, so it's probably in a questionable state right now, but it might save some backporting efforts.

QSDK OpenWrt:

Linux kernel 5.4:

There are likely other updated pieces that go with this, but none of the released QSDK manifests are pointing to these repos yet.


@kirdes, could you please tell me if you manage to boot openwrt with initramfs?
I would like to make a full dump of the firmware, and when I try to do the backup while running the oem firmware i am not able to read the partition "vol_armor".
Also I wonder how to modify the original filsesystem permanently, since it looks like it is not saving changes on the overlay partition.
This router is VERY slow to boot, could it be a firmware checksum ? I don't have serial console access yet, so I am blind until it boots completely

Yes, booting an initramfs image works like a charm, but you need serial access.

The router is saving the config somehow to a mtd partition as far as i know. So all changes you are making are lost after reboot.

Overlayfs is not even being used i guess.

There are a lot of firmware checks in u-boot, that makes the booting so slow.

I was able to compile and flash QSDK 10 on the router, i had to disable the checks in u-boot. QSDK 10 runs fine, (including overlayfs) but its still very old.

But i have giving up on spending more time, the main problem is the IPQ8074 V1 chipset, this will probably never be supported with ath11k.

Thank you @kirdes!
Even with the new changes ? I though it was an V2 because it supports OFMDA, or at least that is what specs says
I wonder if I should pack it again and send it back, the whole purpose of buying it was to replace WRT32X and run openwrt there using dynamic VLANS AP... and the firmware itseld looks so limited.
It is 2 years now since this router was out on the market and still no other alternative products with IPQ807X.
Is there a way to tell if the ipq8074 is V1 or V2 running the oem firmware?

Its only supporting dl_ofdma, not ul_ofdma.
IPQ8074 V2 supports both.

Is there a way to tell if the ipq8074 is V1 or V2 running the oem firmware?

-> not as far as i know. In plain openwrt there is a PLATFORM entry regarding V1/V2. And at least my RAX120 is V1.

And yes, i agree. The RAX120 hardware is quite interesting, but the stock firmware is a mess.

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@kirdes could you sare an initramfs firmware version that I could try to see about V1/V2?
The oem firmware saves the config in a partition directly:
mtd19: 00100000 00020000 "config"
Another problem that I see is that in the newer versions of the firmware the option to enable telnet has been removed, I had to downgrade to make the backup.
Something that I was thinking about is to modify the oem firmware to have telnet always enabled or ssh, that way we can al least do domething while things are happening...
Are you back to oem firmware or do you "use it" with openwrt without ath11k?

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Yes, telnet was disabled in recent firmware versions.

I'm back to the stock firmware and I'm going to sell the router.

Send me a PM with your email and in will send you the initramfs image.


i have pushed my changes: https://github.com/kirdesde/openwrt.git (branch rax120_v5.9)
This is based on Robi's AX3600_V5.9 branch, so all the credit goes to him.
I just added the dts and a new target.

Remember: wifi wont work due to IPQ8074 v1 (remoteproc is not working with ath11k)

Thank you so much @kirdes!
I manage to open it without damaging it and I was able to confirm that the soc is IPQ8074_002 on my RAX120.
I am returning it with less than 24h of usage hahaha

why return ?

Why keep it, if the router is not going to be supported in openwrt ?

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