IPQ807X NSS Build

updated my dynalink, set it up from zero , result? near 1 gig nat over ethernet, few% cpu load , but i'm have some weird problems with wifi , is slow and keeps disconnecting client, i set channel to 48 and bandwitch to 160MHz , wpa2 aes key and thats it . weird , need to take a look on this. but luci is fast as heck.

Does qhora can do nat with over 9 Gbps?

I am running the build on a AX3600 and it seems to be working well enough. Any chance this is going to be mainline soon?

imho doubt it highly ...reason is that I don't think the QCA/NSS code will ever be upstreamed to the linux kernel. Openwrt approach is to have code that is easily maintained and upstreamable ... another reason is finding someone that has the time to keep all of this code up to date and supportable ... my two cents here

@rmandrad I also want to use MACVLAN, have you made the offload work? My final target is:
static link aggregation of 4 1g ethernet ports + MACVLAN + mwan3.

yes emc_dump.sh shows macvlan ... you need to add to the ecm Makefile

the below are all the compile setttings I have on the Makefile

                ECM_FRONT_END_SFE_ENABLE=n \
                ECM_INTERFACE_IPSEC_ENABLE=n \
                ECM_INTERFACE_PPTP_ENABLE=n \
                ECM_INTERFACE_PPPOE_ENABLE=y \
                ECM_INTERFACE_L2TPV2_ENABLE=n \
                ECM_INTERFACE_GRE_TAP_ENABLE=n \
                ECM_INTERFACE_GRE_TUN_ENABLE=n \
                ECM_INTERFACE_SIT_ENABLE=n \
                ECM_INTERFACE_RAWIP_ENABLE=y \
                ECM_INTERFACE_VLAN_ENABLE=y \
                ECM_INTERFACE_VXLAN_ENABLE=y \
                ECM_CLASSIFIER_MARK_ENABLE=y \
                ECM_CLASSIFIER_DSCP_ENABLE=n \
                ECM_CLASSIFIER_PCC_ENABLE=n \
                ECM_CLASSIFIER_MSCS_ENABLE=y \
                ECM_CLASSIFIER_NL_ENABLE=n \
                ECM_BAND_STEERING_ENABLE=n \
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Hi boys,

Again, I am redo the repos over the latest commit from OpenWRT.


Next Goal:

  • Update to kernel 6.1, it's already released for ipq807x by @robimarko
  • Rebased the code of NSS to kernel 6.1
  • Update to the latest tag of NSS: NHSS.QSDK.12.4.r1


BUILDED: https://github.com/AgustinLorenzo/openwrt/releases/tag/ipq807x-2023-05-29-2126

Regards, Agustin


Hi Agustin, Dynalink WRX-36 tested with your new build, and working well. Many thanks for fixing this. Much appreciated :+1:

is it possible to build with with 6.1? I get error building nss package.

/build_dir/target-aarch64_cortex-a53_musl/linux-ipq807x_generic/qca-nss-dp-2023-01-23-21e2fe7b/nss_dp_main.c:640:17: error: implicit declaration of function 'random_ether_addr' [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
  640 |                 random_ether_addr(netdev->dev_addr);
      |                 ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

No problem so far with same config when i build with kernel 5.15.

6.1 support needs to be worked out ... the qca-nss-dp though should be supported as it is part of openwrt 6.1 support that has just been rolled out in the weekend

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Hi @asvio

Give me a couple of days, and I can get to work with the change to kernel 6.1 with NSS, we hope that Qualcoom, just as it updated the qca-ssdk driver to support 6.1, will do so with the rest of the modules (nss-dp , ecm, clients), but this will be a miracle

Regards, Agustin

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Hi @carpcat

Nice :slight_smile:

Regards, Agustin

What do you mean? Qualcomm didn't update anything. They're still at 5.15 currently.