IPQ807X NSS Build

The weirdest thing is making iperf3 thought the WAN works perfectly and with full upstream speed. Just with speedtest.net and fast.com tests the issue appears. And only with my intel wifi cards, not with my Samsung S23 Plus smartphone.

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This doesn't look right.
I can only get 30-40Mbps wireless upload on Speedtest from WiFi 6 Laptop (Mediatek MT7921 Wireless LAN card) and
with Bufferbloat it's simply zero.

No issues with wired PC. ISP speed is 1G/0.7G.
On several smartphones seems a little better but one Xiaomi has some issues.

Edit - I've made more tests. Something is wrong probably with Bufferbloat and Speed test on waveform site itself. It simply doesn't measure upload with WiFi.
Other test and sites after several attempts now show the correct upload speed.

How about local speed with wifi 6
Same results or not?

If same try change region to CN, my laptop before never touch 500mbps U/D (local speed) after change region to CN speed suddenly improve like a magic. (ac 8265 wifi card)

But I don't know it work or not in your place.

Local speed tested with iperf3 is OK. Varies between 500-800Mbps both upload/download.
Certainly I didn't have this issue a month ago because I always test speed after updating to newer versions.

So this issue show after replace the ath11k firmware?

I cannot say yet because I have to flash the build then restart, test again, etc. Everyone at home complains there is no Internet and TV.
Today already reflashed and restarted several times because of the other issue with the firmware. I wrote the results on the other thread. Unfortunately no response yet from developers.

Try Restart from power adaptor, many times restart from Luci or putty end with no internet. After restart the power adaptor back to normal.

No, they simply complain because I restart too many times and flashing takes additional time too.

I've made more tests. Something is wrong probably with Bufferbloat and Speed test on waveform site itself. It simply doesn't measure upload with WiFi from Laptop but works from my Smartphone.

Other test and sites after several attempts now show the correct upload speed.

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i was having the no upload results on bufferbloat when i was experiencing the ssl error.

open up the developer console in chrome and look out for ssl errors.

ctrl + shift + i.

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This is what I get in Firefox

and this in Chrome

Trying stubbornly several times gives sometimes results but most of the time it just sticks on upload.

Well there it is in Chrome...


But why it looks like to me only upload traffic is impacted. I could be totally wrong. Maybe someone with more knowledge can help to investigate this.
And completely out of sense the Speedtest gives bad upload results when the Laptop is in the same room as the router is and one can expect highest possible upload.
When I move it to my most distant room with lowest signal and it shows 100-150Mbps upload.
Actually before the above mentioned patch
I couldn't open one particular website on my wired PC, but I could open it on the Laptop. Isn't it strange. I can't remember if I tested bufferbloat before the patch.
After applying the patch I can open the same site successfully wired and wireless.

Probably it's time to play with
ethtool -K br-lan tx-checksumming off tx-checksum-ip-generic off
once again.

Edit - Again back to the settings @anom3 pointed out

config ecm 'global'
        option acceleration_engine 'auto'

config general
        option enable_bridge_filtering  '0'
        option disable_offloads '1'
        option disable_flow_control '1'
        option disable_interrupt_moderation '1'

ethtool -K br-lan tx-checksumming off tx-checksum-ip-generic off

This time I don't want to hurry and say it is finally resolved but see the wireless results now

bufferbloat test works too. No more 30Mbps cap on upload via wireless.

And on my Smart Phone the latency and ping lowered by 10 times!

Check your settings guys and sorry if I pointed anyone out in the wrong direction in my previous posts.

Bonus - Bidirectional (the most difficult) iperf3 test wireless from Laptop.

Latest Update - As I have an OTT based TV Service which receives constantly data traffic between 5-30Mbps I could presume there was still an issue because the TV channels were interrupted for 2-3 seconds every few minutes. The interruptions itself were more frequent on 4K TV channels and it's logical because they use more data (around 25-30Mbps HEVC data flow). And that is something no-one would accept.
With all the latest changes described in the middle of this post I really no longer see TV Service interruptions.


just fyi:

option disable_offloads '1'


ethtool -K br-lan tx-checksumming off tx-checksum-ip-generic off

are redundant.

if you have disable_offloads '1', its already doing the ethtool on br-lan.

i only posted the ethtool command because i tracked down the specific 2 offloads that solved the ssl issue for me. so if i run the ethtool, i can keep the offloads on and still get no ssl errors.

but it wont hurt to have both at the same time.

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Thank you very much! After I checked, I found out that I forgot NSS-firmware-ipq8074. Now it's up and running.

Using the settings in this combination
option disable_offloads '0'


ethtool -K br-lan tx-checksumming off tx-checksum-ip-generic off

doesn't give fully positive results in my setup.
On my Laptop the upload speed is limited to 30-40Mbps at most. Bufferbloat upload test doesn't run either.

So for now I go only with

option disable_offloads '1'

as this gives full upload speed and no errors in bufferbloat tests too.

I don't know what actually all those options do or offload on the QNAP hardware but I don't see any difference in NSS work. Except for the SSL errors that are really tricky.
Probably I will have to do some additional tests when I have spare time.

I wonder what below two options do.
option disable_flow_control '1'
option disable_interrupt_moderation '1'

Hello, Can I flash from ipq807x/generic to qualcommax/ipq807x using "flash firmware" on router page without problems?

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That what i did, no issues at all. Just run sysupgrade with -n

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Okay, thanks.
Now running 6.1 w/ nss on my ax3600 router based on @dimfish 's repo.

Applied some patches/commands from @sppmaster
to resolve upload test problems.

Nss sqm also works.

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Would you mind sharing how did you make NSS SQM working with the dimfish repo?

I add 'luci-app-sqm' package and 'nss-ifb' module on menuconfig then compile.