IPQ8074 ATH11k, Ru zone, not working channel 52-64

When select channels 52-64 as AP it showing on scanner but cannot connect

Any log messages?

What log can i include. System shows that all ok.

IW reg get


Then provide config:

cat /etc/config/wireless

iw list

And the requested information?

cat /etc/config/wireless

channel '52'

cannot connect from any device

option channel '36'

:confused: Your config says Channel 36 - does 36 work?

       option encryption 'sae-mixed'
       option key 'xxxxxxxxxxx'
       option disabled '1'
  • Is the client capable of SAE?
  • Have you tested WAP2-CCMP only?


config wifi-device 'radio1'

connection not started. All clients show error and lost Ap from list. Logread dont show anything.

I don't understand your response.

i tested full open network< without any encryption.
When you start connect from mobile phone, phone show for 1 sec "Cannot connect" and lost acces point from scanned list.
On AP , in logread, nothing. It's driver issue.

Please provide output of logread.

What channel?

Did you forget SAE network first?