Ipq8072a VS MT7986A Speed performance comparison

I want to ask a question, why is IPQ8072A so powerful? At least that’s what Qualcomm’s official website says, but wireguard or wifi6 is very slow, only 200Mbps at most. shadowsocks or v2ray is up to 300mbps.
So I want to ask, is it because ipq8072a does not have hardware acceleration? Investigate why is this? NSS has never yielded any results. Could it be said that the hardware of ipq8072a is not as good as MTK?
I've never had such good results with the 301w, which disappoints me.

this would indicate it's not related to the device ?

I can easily achieve 3x or more with speedtest using a WRX36 as AP.

I don't exactly have the hardware that is suitable for a comparative test, but with my WRX36 as a wireguard client I get approx. 400 MBits downstream, my cable connection only delivers 400/12 MBit/s.

Via WLAN without VPN I achieve around 450 MBits with my Samsung Galaxy A52S

If it helps, dumb AP performance. 5GHz@40MHz and Tx Rate@600 AC.

# iperf3 -c
[ ID] Interval           Transfer     Bitrate
[  7]   0.00-10.00  sec   585 MBytes   491 Mbits/sec                  sender
[  7]   0.00-10.05  sec   585 MBytes   488 Mbits/sec                  receiver
# iperf3 -c -R
[ ID] Interval           Transfer     Bitrate
[  7]   0.00-10.02  sec   561 MBytes   470 Mbits/sec                  sender
[  7]   0.00-10.00  sec   558 MBytes   468 Mbits/sec                  receiver

I think ipq8072a is very slow. Is there some driver or magic attack that is not loaded?

I have no issues passing the gigabit barrier using parallel streams in iperf3.

Are you referring to my speeds? I get around 81%-ish of 100%. I don't think that's too bad tho...

Performance test from https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/perf_and_log/benchmark.openssl

CPU device AES-256 RSA Verify
ipq8071 Xiaomi AX3600 31278230 4602.5
mt7986 Xiaomi AX6000 45281010 6661.7
MT7986 Banana Pi BPI-R3 45173420 6683.3
MT7622B Xiaomi AX6S 30466390 4505.3
IPQ8065 Netgear R7800 55883250 6096.4
IPQ8064 TP-LINK C2600 44214360 4986.9
IPQ8072A QNAP 301w 95133324 7513.4

The benchmark results are in bytes per second processed.

Yep, and the ipq8072 have higher clock than mt7986a

& no parallel processing

all these tests are with QCA ECM etc that are community builds +

yes mediatek are much more open but qualcomm has a "secret sauce" that is not opensource!

But 8071 is the slowest in this ipq807x family, half clock speed compared with 8072

Table updated: Ipq8072a VS MT7986A Speed performance comparison - #8 by remittor
Thanks @rmandrad

Waiting device based on MT7988 (FiLogic-880) ....

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I am waiting for my Banana Pi BPI-R4 to come in next 1-2 weeks, then we can have some data about Filogic 880

I'll Play with mine after 15th december... Do You have gear for ten gig?

I have 10G internet, plus Synology NAS with 10G NIC, currently I also have Buffalo WXR-5950AX12 which is pending to flash OpenWrt

it is a qnap 301w

cat /proc/cpuinfo
Showing it's IPQ8072 or 8072A? (the former one seems to be lower clock a little bit)

IPQ8072A - https://openwrt.org/toh/qnap/301w?s[]=qnap