IPQ806x NSS Drivers

Kong’s has more software and a couple custom configurations.

Mine has no custom configuration and a simple set of software. Just load the factory image and it should work right out of the box.

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@darksky @Gram I went the opposite way. I removed the “ Enable vht on 2.4Ghz” commit and I’m using master’s version. Will prevent further issues in the future.

@Ansuel VHT by definition is 802.11ac - which doesn’t exist in the 2.4ghz spectrum - so I’m confused about the origin of the patch. Non standard VHT implementation for specific devices?

thanks, I flashed the November image earlier and now the December one, thanks!

btw I just noticed after I flashed latest one it removed the addons (adblock, upnp) is it supposed to do that even though I choose keep current settings?

That is normal - my build does not have those packages so your device will “lose” those packages with each sysupgrade.

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Iirc it's called "TurboQAM" or something of the like.

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If you're right about the patch, that makes sense to me. So:

git remote add nss https://github.com/Ansuel/openwrt.git
git fetch nss
git checkout -b my-nss nss/kernel5.4-nss-qsdk10.0
git revert e168f9106a74bfd33ccca2a5f867652fb9caf073
git checkout master
git checkout -b my-master
git rebase my-nss

git add target/linux/ipq806x/files/include/net/netfilter/nf_conntrack_dscpremark_ext.h target/linux/ipq806x/files/include/uapi/linux/tc_act/tc_nss_mirred.h target/linux/ipq806x/files/net/netfilter/nf_conntrack_dscpremark_ext.c

git rebase --continue
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I inform you how the tests with the router are going. A colleague took it to his house, who has another one that did not fail, and mine in his house worked without problems for more than 8 days.

Yesterday I put it back on my handle and it has not lasted 24 hours. I have changed the ont, disabled wifi and used another AP to give wifi to my network, disabled VPN, I don't know what else ...

At least it is not a hardware problem, since the device works in another network that is not my home.

It is true that the workload in my house is higher, more Wi-Fi devices, use of 5ghz Wi-Fi, and more data transfer between the interfaces.

the log does not help because it does not record any failure.

The only thing that before dying, the wifi network drops, the mobiles go to 3g / 4g, although it is true that the wired network continues to work for a few seconds more, and then the restart is coming.

Can you install something that creates a more complete log? a kernel log? that can be browsed to an external server?

I need to know what passes the seconds before it dies, at the kernel level.

the debug log sent to an external server does not provide relevant information.

thanks to all, little more I can count.

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Not sure exactly how to do it in Openwrt but want you want is a kernel coredump...

It is still early, I want to wait longer, but I think having the device surrounded is causing me problems. I begin to suspect that the cause is the xbox one, although a new spontaneous reboot at any time, can throw the theory away.

I will continue reporting, and when I discover the problematic device, it will be a matter of seeing why.

Any luck in porting this patch? (Ath10 5.4 => 5.8) :grinning:

yes and no. at the end of the day, the router shouldn't crash regardless of a rogue or badly-behaved client.

I'm trying to compile the firmware but I get this errors:

make defconfig 
Collecting package info: done
WARNING: Makefile 'package/qca/qca-nss-drv/Makefile' has a dependency on 'kmod-qca-nss-dp', which does not exist
WARNING: Makefile 'package/qca/qca-nss-ecm/Makefile' has a dependency on 'kmod-qca-ovsmgr', which does not exist
WARNING: Makefile 'package/qca/qca-nss-ecm/Makefile' has a dependency on 'kmod-qca-ovsmgr', which does not exist
WARNING: Makefile 'package/qca/qca-nss-ecm/Makefile' has a dependency on 'kmod-qca-ovsmgr', which does not exist
WARNING: Makefile 'package/qca/qca-nss-ecm/Makefile' has a dependency on 'kmod-qca-hyfi-bridge', which does not exist
WARNING: Makefile 'package/qca/qca-nss-ecm/Makefile' has a dependency on 'kmod-qca-mcs', which does not exist
WARNING: Makefile 'package/qca/qca-nss-ecm/Makefile' has a dependency on 'kmod-qca-ovsmgr', which does not exist
WARNING: Makefile 'package/qca/qca-nss-ecm/Makefile' has a dependency on 'kmod-qca-hyfi-bridge', which does not exist
WARNING: Makefile 'package/qca/qca-nss-ecm/Makefile' has a dependency on 'kmod-qca-mcs', which does not exist

should I just ignore them and compile?

Just ignore and compile. :sunglasses:

I suppose the 2 builds that have nss drivers are


How stable is it? because I am planning to flash my home router

I have been using NSS builds exclusively on my three r7800’s for months. Stability is good (zero complaints from the family). :sunglasses:

My last build (from Nov 25th) is still going strong . Hopefully I'm not going to jinx it :slight_smile:

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I flashed my router with the image, however I can't use openvpn as I get this error messag when I try to install it

Collected errors:
 * pkg_hash_fetch_best_installation_candidate: Packages for kmod-tun found, but incompatible with the architectures configured

Any suggestions? Maybe I need to recompile the image with openvpn package included?

EDIT: I checked the .config file and the module is included and it was installed

After many tests, I am as at the beginning. No idea of ​​the cause. It is not any specific device, it is highly random. The cause may be when a high use of it is made, in LAN transfers, LAN-WAN, etc. I don't know if there are any NSS builds that don't use the new 5.4 kernel, so I can rule out.

I no longer know if it is the NSS driver, or the 5.4 kernel, since with kong NO NSS there are no problems

Thank you all.

Try using the performance rather than ondemand cpufreq governor, frequency scaling seems to be the case of the random reboots on my unit and seems to be a known issue. I've only just made the switch, so won't know for a while if it actually helps or not

I suspect Kong has already made the change in his firmware, which is why you don't see a problem...

Please excuse my ignorance on the subject, but I've been following this thread with great interest since I recently upgraded my internet connection to 1Gb/s and have had to revert to stock firmwares on my IPQ806x based routers to achieve full speeds.

Is it possible for me to build my own firmware with these patches for say my TP-Link C2600?

If so, any pointers from the better informed would be much appreciated.

In any case, thanks for all the hard work on this.