IPQ40xx target & Single NIC devices

I don't think that this would be a show-stopper. I would wait until the 4.19 OpenWrt changes have materialized (still some issues). If you absolutely need to do this project for (course?) credits or something, you could just post your patches without the driver and leave the target's KERNEL_PATCHVER variable as-is. This is in my opinion a much saner approach, don't you agree?

It's been a week and I would like to ask, if there is any progress on the new driver? Thanks.

Unfortunately I never received the source from @blogic, even though I messaged him my email address a while ago. Therefore I was unable to work on it.

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That's unfortunate.

0001-ipqnet.patch (67.6 KB)

there you go. you just need to point the finger long enough :slight_smile: its a real dirty wip patch but i recall that i managed to pass traffic with the driver


found my qca8k patches for the ipq4019

Awesome, thank you very much. This should help to finally get the MR33 VLAN capable.

Just wondering if this is going somewhere... Have a bunch of Fritzbox 4040 I'd like to try this on.

Quick Q - any joy on this? Would love to use MR33 as a VLAN capable device

Not even with the patch it seems to work, there's still something odd (apart from the other issues it might have). I don't think we will ever see VLAN Support on the MR33, mainly because nobody will work on this anymore as better hardware becomes available.

What's some of the better hardware here, in your opinion?

Newer 802.11ax compatible devices that slowly start to become available. Don't get me wrong, I would love to finally get my MR33 out of the shelf and actually use it, but so far it's simply not possible and soon there will be the point where it gets outdated so it's no longer worth for most people to focus on it, so it gets more and more unlikely that someone will implement it (even though I was hoping that new driver would help here in this case).

any news on this ? :slight_smile:

There is work being done in "pre-master" to explore the ipqess and qca8k drivers and DSA system in general.

One commit on a staging tree (which can be though of as a developer's public "play space" for exploration, not as in confirmed that "this goes to master") that calls out the MR33 is


ipq40xx: convert Cisco Meraki MR33 to DSA

This patch converts the Cisco Meraki MR33 to use ipqess + qca8k's DSA.

This patch alone is not sufficient to build an image for the MR33 with these drivers.

I've used some of the patches on a different IPQ4019-based device with mixed results. I can't say that it is "ready for prime time" yet. There is a lot of motivation to get the drivers working smoothly (and submitted to upstream Linux, I believe). There is also the need to decide how to integrate then into UCI (swconfig is no longer the way that a DSA switch is managed) and implement that code in both the base system and in LuCI.

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thanks for the update :slight_smile:

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Is there any update on this? (sorry for asking, i do not have a clue where to look for it)

Still WIP, literally just got an EA8300 on the bench and poking at it.


Thanks for the every fast response. Good to hear there is some progress. :).

@chunkeey I saw that you did some work on the MR33 recently (6 days ago if I can believe git), anything new in regards to this?

@jeff Not entirely sure how knowledge gained from the EA8300 would help here, as far as I understand the MR33 issue has to do with the special single port setup the device has. Maybe you could elaborate on that a little.

I’m not sure I can help much more as the DTS is very different than the EA8300, especially in the bitmasks for the ports.

I’d look into the (patched) driver, which seems to be different than in the EA8300 as well.

I haven’t checked the status of the DSA drivers recently, but early this year they didn’t support VLANs.

Hi, any news about this?.. i'd be nice working with vlans on MR33.