Ipq40xx migration to DSA

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Will the netgear EX6150v2 on ARMv7 Processor rev 5 (v7l), be able again to have snapshots compiled after not switching to DSA? Or will it ever switch to DSA? I dont understand why devices are dropped instantly after having full support. Is there a timeline or some devices will just be "abandoned" also if they have 256mb of ram?
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Probably nobody converted it, all of the non-converted boards are currently disabled until converted

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The wiki says 22.03.3 is supported?

OP is talking about the migration to DSA in master snapshot.

Ah my bad.

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Hi, yes its like you say. But there is a "target timeline" for conversion? Or it is a device that will never be converted? I mean it's pretty good HW but sometimes I like to have snapshots installed... it was fully supported before the DSA porting...

There isnt any kind of plan, it pretty much boils down to somebody that is interested in the device to convert it


So if we see a build in the snapshots for a particular ipq40xx device, that means it's been converted already to DSA? For example, GL.iNet GL-B2200 and Linksys MR8300 both have builds, so they've been converted?

The ipq40xx DSA migration PR was discussed in this thread.

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That is correct

Good to know that MR8300 has been migrated to DSA. I have an MR8300 in active use but I think I can try to build a snapshot based on MR8300 code to try DSA on a model that has almost the same hardware(MR6350).

I have tested the migration for the MR8300, back in december. Performances are better than with 22.03.
Be aware that installing a snapshot with kernel 5.15 requires a bootloader tweak. Please read the docs.
Furthermore, the 6350v3 is already ported.

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