Ipq40xx: disable boards not converted to DSA


I'm not sure but I saw "ipq40xx: disable boards not converted to DSA" (b19efee951231b38573cffaadb15fad8f9c058d) and then 22.03.1 available for "disabled" devices. Is it correct? Why the release is compiled if they are not ported to DSA? There is a plan to migrate all the remaining devices? I own Netgear ex6150v2 that is now disabled, but would like to know if I can still use the release (like 22.03.1).

I'm also following the matter. Early october, kernel 5.15 and DSA have been merged ... to the master snapshot only. But not to every devices currently being supported, so many are "disabled" while waiting to be ported.

It doesn't involve any current 22.03 releases. Files for your device are still here, for example the latest 22.03.2 :wink:

Ok so the release are correct and working "without DSA" for the "non ported" devices while the DSA ported devices also have snapshot available... thanks for clarifying that to me.

You're welcome.
Don't worry for any 22.03, all devices are and will be supported.

I'm concerned about the future major release (let's say 23.xx) as many devices have not been ported.
Some devices have an issue with kernel 5.15 for a matter of system partition size (>3MB), some with DSA not yet implemented. In the mean time, all these devices are "disabled" in master snapshot.

I own a MR8300 which has both issues. Let's hope the devs will solve this in the next months. BTW if any ipq40xx dev can provide informations here (or give any URL) it will be appreciated. Thank you.

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…of which the DSA porting would be easier to resolve, than the limited kernel size.

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