IPQ40x9, WiFi distance setting failed

Hi all,

Target: ipq40x9.
OpenWrt: 22.03.

The board has 2 radios: QCA988x (phy0) and ipq40x9 (phy1)
Setting the distance in phy0 passed but failed in phy1:

What is the source of the problem.

Have you tried OpenWrt syntax?

# in /etc/config/wireless

config wifi-device 'xxxxxx'
        option type 'xxxxxxx'
        option hwmode 'xxxxx'
        option path 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
        option htmode 'xxxx'
        option distance 'y' # <---


y >= 100

What board?

Hi lleachi,

The board is Dakota DR40X9.
Trying OpenWrt syntax:

How to know that the distance option was passed ?

Wait...you set 5.4 GHz WiFi for 1 kilometer?

Also, you put a transmit power config of 0?

Simple, does your device work at that distance?