I am having device which supports ipq4019-ap-dk04.1-c1 chipset firmware.
i have downloaded lede source and complied ipq4019-ap-dk04.1-c1 firmwares.
but i cant upload it.
hardware is already having qsdk firmware ver 12.
smem is
IPQ40xx) # smem
flash_type: 0x6
flash_index: 0x0
flash_chip_select: 0x0
flash_block_size: 0x10000
flash_density: 0x2000000
partition table offset 0x0
No.: Name Attributes Start Size
0: 0:SBL1 0x0000ffff 0x0 0x40000
1: 0:MIBIB 0x002040ff 0x40000 0x20000
2: 0:QSEE 0x0000ffff 0x60000 0x60000
3: 0:CDT 0x0000ffff 0xc0000 0x10000
4: 0:DDRPARAMS 0x0000ffff 0xd0000 0x10000
5: 0:APPSBLENV 0x0000ffff 0xe0000 0x10000
6: 0:APPSBL 0x0000ffff 0xf0000 0x80000
7: 0:ART 0x0000ffff 0x170000 0x10000
8: 0:HLOS 0x0000ffff 0x180000 0x400000
9: rootfs 0x0000ffff 0x580000 0x1600000
please guide me for the changes required in build or dts and how to upload lede firmware on it.i have uboot prompt.


See if this contains the info you need:

For IPQ40XX:

NOR Boot:

set lof 'tftpboot 0x88000000 openwrt-ipq806x-squashfs-root.img && sf erase 0x00590000 +$filesize && sf write 0x88000000 0x00590000 $filesize'

set lok 'tftpboot 0x88000000 openwrt-ipq806x-qcom-ipq40xx -${board}-fit-uImage.itb && sf erase 0x00190000 +0x300000 && sf write 0x88000000 0x00190000 0x300000'

set lqsdk 'sf probe && run lok && run lof'

set fdt_high '0xffffffff'


run lqsdk

NAND Boot:

tftpboot 0x88000000 openwrt-ipq806x-ipq40xx-ubi-root.img

nand erase $ROOTFS_START 0x4100000

nand write 0x88000000 $ROOTFS_START $filesize

// where ROOTFS_START is the hex value from the smem command output above; in the example above 0xb80000


Thank you sir for reply.
I am using these uboot cmds to upload my firmware images.but i need support on firmware building with lede.how to build roofs and kernel images which can run on these partitions.do i need to change in my build for this?


Were you able to update Openwrt LEDE images to ipq4019-ap-dk04.1-c1 device? My device has stock firmware which is QSDK. Unable to flash through sysupgrade or through web UI.
Any instructions on how to boot up Openwrt images on devices which has stock QSDK images will be helpful.