IPP-over-USB daemon announce


IPP-over-USB is the protocol, that allows to use IPP printing protocol with printers that have USB connection, but doesn't have a network connection. It is supported by many modern printers and MFPs. Actually, this is a HTTP-over-USB protocol, so if device implements it, usually it exposes IPP printing, Web admin console and sometimes AirScan (eSCL) scanning as well.

I want to announce a tool, that can convert an IPP-over-USB capable device into the network printer. It doesn't require CUPS to work, the only requirement is libusb and running Avahi daemon.

Though this tool is written in Go, so executable file is quite large, it should not be a problem for modern devices. Go has an excellent cross-compilation support, so building should not be a problem.

Hi @alexpevzner. I am interested to kickstart a project using IPP-over-USB and ippusb. But I don't really understand some of the concepts introduced in these tools. I have a few questions in mind. Would you generously spend a little of your precious time to answer my question?

Sure, you are welcome!