Ipk or gz - where are the ipk packages

Well, I'll try to keep this as simple as possible. What happened to, or where are the ipk packages?

Imagine, you spent 5 years getting your router to do what you want, not what other's try to force, by leaving you no choice in accepting forced changes.

Please run opkg install whatever.ipk

Package not found..

oh wait, every link roughly touching on this subject fails to mention one obvious factor..

there are no ipk on the main 3 entware site's, so why tell us opkg install whatever.ipk when there is no ipk on any of these site's?

I just read a thread where some dude explained in at least 20 posts about using windows /linux to extract or change whatever to obtain some ipk from a gz file.

I only read it to see how long it would take for the dude to point out there are no ipk anymore.

At least this is how I perceive the 3 main entware repos.

So, rather than request how to extract ipk from gz, I'd like to see the thread or post that explains the change from ipk to gz, or at least the post that explains why my perfectly running router can no longer find the packages, and what to do that does not break my perfect install of entware-ng.

So many links to posts too old to make entware viable in my opinion. 3 different versions merged with no simple, hi, use this, just dont try using ipk files anymore.

Entware = broken!

What is the relation to OpenWrt here?