.ipk for AFFLIBv3

Hi, can anyone create and submit to the repository, .ipk of this cool project?

Thanks in advance!

Can anyone help me?

Nobody knows how to build packages for OpenWRT?

Is there anyone alive here?

I'll just keep posting until someone helps me.

Understood nothing.


Does anyone know what to do about this?

Nobody has this link working?

It looks like this link does not work for anyone.

... or you're the 1st one to try.

which would actually be anyone / everyone :wink:

It seems that just nobody knows how to make packages for OpenWRT.

If I could do it myself, then I would not ask for help.

It's a good thing everyone doesn't have that attitude, or nothing would ever get done.

You should offer a monetary reward then.. If YOUR time is too precious to learn, think about how expensive our time should be..

Surely many who are present here ALREADY have the necessary knowledge and configured systems to build this package. And I ask not only for myself, but also I ask for everyone, for the whole community, because all OpenWrt users will then use this wonderful package.

That is assuming the community actually want / need it,....

So far we haven't seen anyone backing up your request, which would indicate the opposite.

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This.. I can't see a practical reason to store real-time chain-of-custody information regarding the filesystem on a platform that defaults to root:root and doesn't support SELinux yet, let alone encryption/decryption routines..

The Advanced Forensic Format (AFF) is on-disk format for storing computer forensic information. Critical features of AFF include:

- AFF allows you to store both computer forensic data and associated metadata in one or more files. . - AFF allows files to be digital singed, to provide for chain-of-custody and long-term file integrity. . - AFF allows for forensic disk images to stored encrypted and decrypted on-the-fly for processing. This allows disk images containing privacy sensitive material to be stored on the Internet.

This package provides the debugging symbols. 

However, in the past two months of weekly posting, one could have learned not only how to build your own OpenWrt from source, but then placed the package in there. No one has every approached OpenWrt knowing how to do things without bothering to learn.

Of course, not all communities and not all people using OpenWrt read this forum.

Well, is it possible to read the information stored in the router's memory? Even taking out the chip?