IPhones/MAC books not getting captive portal opened after completing data CAP in Radiusdesk and Coovachilli

Hi all, I've installed radiusdesk and coovachilli on a Linux machine and my intention is make the user to do login again after completing his allotted CAP. eg.500MB. Its working in Android OS phones. But in case of iPhones and iPads etc, captive portal POP UP will come initially and we are able to login. But after completing CAP of given data its not poping up the captive portal.

Can anybody suggest some solutions please?????

@albin.jose, welcome to the community!

Isn't that a known issue with Apple devices - how does this relate to OpenWrt specifically?


Hi, I know that it's like beating around the Bush. But as a beginner to openWRT, I just tried to setup a Wifi system in my own device and tryingtomake a running wifi setup and so, I face this issue in iPhones. I need a clarification on this before moving to openWRT. That's why I seeks for a support in this particular forum.
Can anybody help me on this??

Are you saying the instructions directly from Apple do not work for you on OpenWrt?

Yes. Actually I cannot tell my visitors to change any settings in their phones. Also they are getting the captive portal first and later once they finished their allotted session they are not getting POP up for next login automatically.. That's the issue..