iPhone App for finding best Wifi signal

Can anyone recommend an iPhone app or very cheap small device for finding the strongest wifi signal as I stand in different places around a room.

I do a lot of domestic traveling in my work and stay in different places so I need a headstart on where I place the router.

Ideally something that gives me a numeric result rather than bars.

luci > status > channel analysis ( on master or soon to be 21.02 )

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Can it run on an iphone?

I am guessing not, but thinking about it how cool would it be to create a free app that was a cut down version of OpenWrt that did just analysis of Wifi, it would bring a lot more people to the community. The issue would probably be whether Apple would allow some sort of Linux emulator even if it is using it itself.

You can download Apple's AirPort Utility app for your iPhone. Make sure to turn on 'WiFi Scanner' in the General->Settings->AirPort Utility. When you open the app, 'WiFi Scan' will appear in the upper right corner.

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What I would really like is something that tells me whether an AC is faster than an N, in my own testing moving a router just 50cm lower can result in a completely different result.

Other posts seem to suggest that N is better than AC at going through walls which I will be doing regularly and positioning at windows does not seem to improve.

Although on a test I did last night the AC seemed better in one spot so I need to find the best spot.

A scan only receives beacon frames which are usually sent at 1 or 6 Mbps. You'd have to actually connect to see what the negotiated MCS speeds would be. And that result would only be valid for the phone not some other device.

Thanks for the reality check, I thought there might be issues.

What are MCS speeds, what is the scale is and what is good or bad?

On my old laptop I used to have a "lite" version of some software that did pretty good job of listing all the Wifi's in the area, the channel they were using and their signal strength.

I remember that the paid version did some sort of site survey for placement of access points.