Iphone and Other device Host Names

I been snooping the forum but haven't been able to find a solid answer. How do I get my router to auto get Host Names of Devices? I noticed the only devices that get their Device names are my Rings Cameras and Samsung devices. Problem is we have a majority of Apple devices and they do not get a Host name/Device name. With previous Netgear software they would get Apple Device names. My setup is Modem->Router. Is there a package or some type of setting/command to get this information without having to go onto the device its self?

Host names that are “automatic” have been provided by the device during the dhcp lease request process. The router simply stores that information in the dhcp lease table.

If your devices aren’t reporting their hostnames, you have two options

  1. find out how to tell the device to report its hostname during the dhcp process (this is not an OpenWrt thing)


  1. set dhcp reservations with dns/hostname info included.

I find that Apple iOS devices don’t send a hostname in the DHCP request if they have “Private Wi-Fi Address” enabled (random MAC).


Weird, when I reverted to stock netgear firmware just to test they got the proper host names.

You’re correct I turned this off on my phone and it did give it my phones name BUT I don’t want to have to tell 20 people to turn this option off when on stock netgear firmware it does get the device name even with this option enabled.

Understood. Then they’d know you’re trying to track their online activities. :grinning:

If the phone doesn’t share the data, I don’t know how stock Netgear is getting it. Unless there’s some other kind of mDNS discovery going on.

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Not sure what’s going on. I know the people in my home aren’t tech savvy enough to get around things. So it’s just something to do with OpenWRT. I guess I’ll just have to monitor as people come and leave and just note their MAC address and IP and create my own list.