Iperf3 test wan to lan witouth 1gbits

Hello how you re test the performance of the router via 2 pc and iperf3 thanks

This is easiest if you have another router to sit on the WAN side of your router (i.e. upstream).

Router A = router under test
Router B = upstream router

Make sure that the LAN subnets on router A and router B do not overlap. So, for example, on router A's LAN means that router B must have some other subnet defined -- maybe

Connect router A's WAN port to one of the LAN ports of router B. Connect a computer to another LAN port on router B (we'll call this computer B). Then connect a computer to the LAN of router A (computer A).

Install iPerf3 on both computers. Set computer B's iPerf3 to server mode. Typically from the CLI it would look like the following:
iperf3 -s

Then from computer A, you'll run iPerf3 as a client:

iperf3 -c <ip_address_of_computer-B>

and you can run the stream in reverse by adding -R to the command:
iperf3 -R -c <ip_address_of_computer-B>

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thanks for the help i have tested and he work

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