Iperf Multicast


I have iperf 2.0.13-1 and igmpproxy installed on openwrt. When running iperf -s -u -B xx.xx.xx.xx -i 10 -y c it throws "Multicast not supported" error. Where to look for the cause? Wrong package?

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Cause of what?

It's unclear why you're attempting to bind iperf a multicast address.

The error message seems to clearly explain the cause. If you believe you incorrectly received the error message, it may help to better explain why you're attempting to run iperf bound to a multicast IP address?

To solve the issue, you can specify a valid unicast IP for the -B argument.

Hope this helps.

I use the command to monitor a multicast stream. XX.XX.XX.XX is the IP address of the client call.
I use the same command in Debian and iperf starts without a problem.