iPad-charge(enable high speed usb charging) package install on openwrt questions

new here, not sure where to ask this really.

looking for some help adding in the usb fast charging to openwrt, its available on github: https://github.com/mkorenkov/ipad_charge.

my current setup is using a raspberry pi 4 and would love to charge my iphone at anything over 500mah while tethering. the rpi4 is able to charge at least 1000mah if you sever the usb data pins and i believe theyre limited to 1.2a. if someone could offer some guidance for me id love to buy you a coffee.

Fast charging is bad, greatly reduced life span of components.
So people buy more new batteries and/or go for battery replacement because it gets more and more harder to replace batteries on your own.
High current heats up batteries and heat is bad for batteries.
High current causes lithium deposition in batteries.
USB has way to small contacts + the connection is not tight enough.
Because of this high current will cause the contacts to burn/oxidize faster.

Fast charging is scam?

charging an iphone at 1a+ when its being discharged at 400ma-800ma is not a scam lol. lay off the pipe. usb 3.0 spec is 900ma which the rpi4 has, its well within its specs to charge at 1 amp.

Well maybe it is.
But what is the optimal current to charge lithium ion batteries?
It makes sense to have a higher current input than 500mah like 1a.
So the battery can charge with 500mah-800mah and the device itself can take the leftover power to keep itself operating.

If you want to use the repo you linked.
You have to create a custom feed/package:
Or do a crosscompile with static linking and copy it over to your rpi4.

It also uses udev. I think this is not supported by openwrt or not directly supported.