IP6 & Routing Config Help

Been working on this for weeks.. On the downhill side now.. Can someone please help me configure my ip6 and routing

  • Did you edit your IPv6 config?
    • In any case, can you provide the wan6 config? cat /etc/config/network
  • It should work by default
  • You're only getting a single /128 IP address (this is why I ask if you made any changes), so not I'm not sure what kind of config you desire - can you elaborate?

just did a reset... I can ping ip6 but cannot do tracert

Just did a reset... I can ping ip6 thru wan but cannot do tracert... Im 99% sure it is no ip6 default gateway or no ip6 routes setup

Screenshot from 2023-06-12 14-24-22

I just want everything to work properly, nothing fancy I am behind another router temporally until i get this configed.

traceroute6 from the router CLI does not work? That should at least work. You won't be able to route anything from the LAN since the ISP only gave you a /128 IP and no prefix. All that you can do with that is NAT6 everything from the LAN out to your single /128.

Just able to tracert after changing all subnets \64

I do see some issues with the ip6 policies if you would not care to help me fine tune this thing I would appreciate it

  • What is everything - are ylu saying ypu wanna assign IPv6 to lan?
  • Wait...you're behind what router, do you mean OpenWrt's WAN is connected to another router?
  • What is that a screenshot of?
  • What policies?

That is a diagnostic from the multiwan mgr app.. I have a router 1 connected to isp. Then out of router 1 ethernet cable to router 2 just until I get this router 2 configured... These kids raise hell when I take the internet down. I was just wanting to see If i could have this router setup with ip 6 just like it was before I installed openwrt image

I could disable ip6 but I woould like to try and run it.

It's not going to work the same when not connected directly to the ISP.

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