IP40XX: Extreme Slow Routing Performance? (VLAN)

If I measure iperf traffic between 3 hops, it seems that the throughput is frozen at 4.19 MBit/s.

Hop 1 (vlan 10) <-> (vlan 20) Hop 2 (vlan 21) <-> (vlan 30) Hop 3

If I measure between the direct neighbors, I get around 11 Mbit/s and 45 MBit/s. If I measure between those other links I get a constant value of 4.19 MBit/s.

I have no idea what is happening. I would assume that the routing performance is not good. I'm running 4.19 kernel with OpenWrt master.

IP40XX -- does that have an integrated switch on the SoC? I'm hardly an expert but I believe in OpenWrt bleeding-edge is porting a lot of things to Distributed Switch Architecture which should help isolate problems to either the OpenWrt side or the vendor's side.

I haven't tried to do so myself, but you may have some luck kexec'ing to a snapshot initramfs to see if the performance is different (rather than risking a sysupgrade). kexec basically involves using the running kernel to boot another kernel directly; all bugs that result from that would have to do with filesystems not being unmounted and devices not fully resetting since power is not removed from the board.

And of course, initramfs can run in RAM without touching your filesystem, so if you power-cycle after kexec'ing you should be set with your old config -- again, assuming you don't break anything with kexec!

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