IP Passthrough Router #1 to Router#2 operating in openwrt

My Current setup is: ISP > n5386x CPE (Router#1) > WZR-HP-G450H (Router#2) running on openwrt 19.07

My plan is to bypass Router#1 configuration including DHCP, Firewall, etc and keep everything working on Router#2 which has Openwrt. (Basically need it for SQM)

Router#1 cannot make it into Bridge, it has only IP Passthrough.

If I enable IP Passthrough on Router #1 and plug it in Router#2 WAN port, it doesn't connect me to the internet. Although DHCP is enabled and WAN port is getting WAN IP.

If I connect the cable from Router#1 directly into the PC, I get connected to the internet with WAN IP which means IP Passthrough is working fine.

Since I am new in Openwrt and cannot see where is my problem is, please help me on the way I can operate this. Note that when I don't make Router#1 on IP Passthrough and connect the cable to WAN in Router#2, I get connected to internet however it is double-NAT which causes issues in ports and gaming in general.


So it should be working fine, unless you have changed something from the default configuration. This setup you have there (dhcp on wan) works right out of the box on a default OpenWrt. Reset OpenWrt to defaults and try it again.


The naming differs from vendor to vendor: some call it bridge mode, some call it IP Passthrough.

It is important, that Router#1 really pass through the IP it got from the ISP and routing and firewalling is disabled.

In the past I had a Teltonika RUT240. Teltonika calls its prefered bridge mode (they have two) "IP Passthrough". And it works, when you enable DHCP on the WAN side of your Router#2 (which is the default in OpenWRT).

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