IP cameras on other subnet in Wireguard site-to-site config

Quick explanation that may be helpful for others:
Two OpenWrt devices is connected through a Wireguard site-to-site configuration.
The remote router has a second interface+firewall zone for IP cameras as stated in a previous thread.

The main router is and the remote router is The camera interface on the remote router has IP address

Both routers can reach each other and all devices on both networks can reach each other successfully.

To be able to reach the devices on the network from the devices on the network I had to set in the wireguard peer config of the main router AllowedIPs to "" where /24 means all 254 usable IP adresses in the last digit of the 192.168.5.x subnet, and /24 is corresponding to netmask Just as the site-to-site configuration where I initially had to add "" to AllowedIPs.

After that go to the the shell console of the router:

uci commit network
service network restart

Or reboot.