IP address rewrite

Hi all; i need to forward all traffic of a specific network ( to a specific IP address ( I'd like to doi this trought OpenWRT working in bridge mode ( But I'm not able to do it.
Following what I made (/actually not working)..

Will this help?

I had a look but I'm not so in touch with that commands.
Does the Luci interface works for this purpose?

Yes, but you need to make this change in the Port Forwards section of Firewall. You can map the values from the the wiki page to what you see in Luci.

P.S. I think you only need a DNAT rule for this to work.


hmm... I'm still not able to rewrite the IP address.. how to use DNAT from Luci interface? some sample?

Did you disable firewall in bridge mode?

I disabled bridge mode