IoT Network configurations

Hi everyone,
I have issue setting up my IoT vlan.
idk if I have to use the vlan filtering but I am basically trying to make a separated network for my IoT devices but also attach one port from my router's switch to it.

at the beginning I only created wireless and interface for it and it works fine but as soon as I want to attach a vlan device for the interfaced with the intentions to attach a port to it, no internet goes to that network anymore and the devices are not getting the right IP address from the subnet I wanted.

I created an interface, wireless, a vlan device from eth0 base device, firewall for it and attached each other.

My issue is why it does not create also the same vlan on the switch? I created another there too and wrote the same number but it seems not to be integrated very well.

I dont know if thats because the new version and I have to do so from the vlan filtering in the bridge config.

In general it is very confusing and I cant find a good way of doing it with my setup and my use case.

did anyone experience the same problems?

(I use Archer A7 V5)

Thank you!!

That device is still swconfig, so don't use DSA style "VLAN filtering." Generally do things that you wouldn't do with DSA.

  • Configure the switch separately. Create a new VLAN with a number of your choice (3 is OK) that is tagged in the CPU port and untagged in one of the external ports. This port can be connected to an ordinary Ethernet device which is not VLAN-aware such as a smart TV.
  • Then set up a separate bridge and interface for IoTs. This looks exactly like br-lan and lan, except it needs a new unique IP range and the physical device is eth0.3 matching that number in the switch.
  • The IoT also needs firewall rules and forwarding to the Internet, these are the same as a guest network and the same whether the hardware is DSA or swconfig.