IOT high client count wireless N recommendations

Hi, Im wondering if anyone can recommend a decent openwrt compatible outdoor WAP for wireless N that can handle ~100 low bandwidth active clients.

At the moment I'm running YunCore CPE830 x2 but they fall over at around 30 -40 clients each. its not a band width issue as all clients are only communicating VIA MQTT and barely us 5% of the available bandwidth. nor is a cpu issue as it also is extremely low averaging 0.04, 0.02, 0.00 on the CPU monitor.

I think the issue is around the Radio MCU just not being able to handle a high client count and the overheads associated with a high client count.

I use these to automate alot of things in an accommodation / business setting so i need high reliability, and im looking to mesh the network , but I don't want to have to use 4 or 5 AP's becuase of the client count issue, i'd rather 2 or 3 AP's that are not going to die at 30 or 40 clients.

any recommendations and experiences with high client counts would be fantastic.

Have you tried setting the minimum data rate higher? Like 12Mbps? What's probably going on is airtime and collision issues. Higher data rates means less time taken.

no joy on that front. I'm fairly confident it has to do with the radio chip. i recall reading something about them being one of the key limiting factors when it comes to a lot of clients.

was kind of hoping there was someone here that has either had this problem and found a good AP for a lot of clients. or has a certain type with even 60 or 70 clients hanging off it with out any problems and could tell me its brand model number.

Your device looks like a single band and single radio device.

I would suggest a recycled PC or mini PC with 1 or more PCI express wifi card/s. Remember that OpenWRT runs on x86 too. Or just run any linux distribution on that box.

That's a possible solution , I was more hoping that there was a quality out door AP that could have Openwrt loaded onto it.

Have you tried it? You need to adjust the basic rates and the supported rates, or use the cell density high option (maybe only snapshots) see

Also tp-link cpe devices are supported