iOS DHCP Failing, v22.03.0-rc6

I don't think IPv6 would be the issue here because I would expect the same problems to show up on the 2.4G network if that were the case.

Does the same issue happen on RC4? What about 21.02.3?

I didn't go back to rc4 ... though I though in the past this worked. I tried 21.02.3 a couple hours ago, same thing. If you think it makes sense, I can re-build rc4, try that again.


This suggests that it is something not related to 22.03-RCx at all if you're seeing the same issue on 21.02.

Have you tried using the iOS "forget network" option and then rejoining?

OK, now this is screwy ... be warned :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I decided to go back to rc4, add tcpdump to the build => capture and debug DHCP traffic. So I did, fired it up, and it worked! What?!?! LOL. I can see that 21.02.3 may have issues, as DSA / switches have been changing, along with mt76 drivers - correct?

But in any case, it seems that going back to rc4 worked. So now, trying to load back my archive (that I stored at the start of all this). Let's see ... that works as well! So something broken since rc4 it seems?


Or could something be wrong with your specific build? Have you tried the prebuilt images?

I have not - because I pull in several items (like Travelmate, etc.). I do make sure to pull the latest feeds whenever switching builds.

I do see that rc4 is fine, but not rc5 and rc6. I do use the same .config (diffconfig) to "pre-load" the build, so thinking that should be consistent?


Iā€™d try the prebuilt to rule out anything that is happening in your own builds. You can easily just try it. If it works, you can then either install the additional packages or you can troubleshoot your own builds.

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Good idea! OK, so I downloaded rc6 (stock), did a sysupgrade with saved settings => no connection from iOS, just like my build :frowning:.

Next up, re-flashed with my rc4 build (again, sysupgrade, savings settings) => comes up, iOS connections work fine again. Note that I had to re-apply my archive file ... on the first boot after going back to rc4, something was messed up (browser complaining about NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID???). But, restore from the (same old) archive, and it's good, as is iOS connectivity. So rc6 torched something in the process? Still get the browser warning, but definitely rc4 (my build) is OK with iOS, rc6 (stock) is not :frowning_face:.

So it seems something has broken since rc4?


What about rc6 without saving settings. This gets you to a default configuration and then you just change the few things that are required.

Good thing to check, agreed. OK, so here is what I did,

  1. sysupgrade to rc6, but don't save settings ... all reset, just let it come back up stock
  2. enable 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi ... works, can connect. But note, I lose ethernet at that point. Have seen this a few times now when testing this out (above). A bit of a pain, as I don't have wired to fall back to then.
  3. enable 5 GHz Wi-Fi ... corresponding LED never comes on, and I then disabled 2.4 GHz WiFi, which is my "only" connection at that point. SSID is gone (OpenWrt), never comes up.
  4. hard power cycle. Once rebooted wired is working again, but still no 5 GHz LED, and no SSID. Web UI does say 5 GHz is enabled though, but for radio1 "Device is not active". Hmmm.
  5. sysupgrade back to rc4, same issue as above, device not active. So,
  6. still on rc4, factory reset (clear our rc6 settings), reboot.
  7. still no 5GHz ... arrgh! Saw this once before, have to set the country code, or WiFi is dead no matter what. Turned that on, and ... LED on, can connect. OK, need to try this with rc6 now ... LOL.

Back to rc6, sysupgrade without settings saved, just set the country code (only needed for 5 GHz?), and enable 5 GHz ... OK? Yes for Windows, still No for iOS :frowning_face:. Seems there really is something broken in rc6 (and rc5)?

Back to rc4 for me it seems.


I saw the above error when I upgraded the firmware, always latest snapshot from master, in my nanopi r4s with a usb wifi 5Ghz with a iphone, the events:

  • iphone connected with nanopi running old firmware:
  • upgraded the nanopi with new firmware
  • after reboot the iphone cannot connect and the nanopi show deauthincated. due to timer...
  • reverted to old firmware and the iphone was unable to connect and the nanopi showed the same error
  • reverted to previous old firmware, which in the past worked , but this time the iphone also was unable to connect.

all firmwares versions are setup with custom, same, settings at the firs tboot and in the previous versions the iphone was able to connect just fine.

so the solution in my case was to reboot the iphone, and after that the iphone was able to connect to the new firmware without any problems

maybe the deauthenticated due to inactivity... error is a generic one and no shows the real cause from the disconnect.

so maybe it's worth to reboot your iOS device.

because I dont have any problems with iphone connecting to a wifi 5Ghz only. I dont have a 2.4Ghz one.

Thanks for the info! FYI, I had the same connectivity issue from 3 different devices - an iPhone, iPad and Mac mini.