Invalid Firmware Upload ASUS AX53U

Hello. I have the problem that I have downloaded the .bin to be able to install openWRT on my ASUS AX53U router and when I load the file openwrt-23.05.3-ramips-mt7621-asus_rt-ax53u-squashfs-factory.bin it tells me a "Invalid Firmware Upload" window

I have a TP-LINK Archer C6 V2 router to which I installed openWRT a few months ago and I had no problems either installing openWRT or configuring it with the PPPoE data that my ISP provided me.

The ASUS Official Firmware file extension is .trx

Do I have to convert the .bin file to .trx format?

I appreciate the help in advance.;a=commit;h=8c00fd9b4519bf0ef8fb3470a6df421b9f38c03c

I think the ideal would be to flash the AX53U through a Firmware update. It's the simplest. I can't use TFTP because you have to open the router using some USB gadget. Also, I don't have that advanced experience.

Not exist archive of openWRT .trx to AX53U?

I think pigs should be able to fly, but I guess life ain't fair.

Apparently not?

@remittor does you TRX generator work for the AX53U ?

I wanted to do this, but gave up on this idea.
Maybe I’ll return to this idea again...

Hello everyone. The metode method does not work. The result is not what wanted.

did anyone say it should work ?

what kind of result did you want ?

if you didn't brick your Asus, you should consider yourself lucky, the guide is for a BCM based device, while yours is using a MT chipset.

Obviamente lo he usado con los archivos propios de mi enrutador. ¿Quién te ha dicho que he usado los del BCM? Dale una torta de mi parte.

Afortunado soy por multitud de cosas, no por que no se estropee un enrutador.

Mira, si no vas a ayudar, y te limitas a decir cosas raras, por mí ni respondas a mis comentarios. Estoy en búsqueda de soluciones a mis curiosidades, y encontrar comentarios estúpidos, frenan mis objetivos.

no dude, posting in !english does.

No idea, if you solved the problem already.

I created a few posts re AX53U already. Search for it.

Generally it didn't work for me, without registering the device at Asus and updating to the newest Asus firmware. Then it was pretty easy as described at the openwrt device page.

But now I cannot access the device after updating from 23.05.2 to 23.05.3. I create an own thread for this problem.

Edit; Found this in the meantime:

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