Introducing luci-app-apfree-wifidog: Simplifying Wi-Fi Access Management with Luci UI Configuration

Introducing luci-app-apfree-wifidog, the Luci UI configuration for apfree-wifidog, an open-source captive portal solution. With luci-app-apfree-wifidog, users can easily configure and manage apfree-wifidog settings through a user-friendly web interface.

This project aims to simplify the setup process for apfree-wifidog by providing a graphical interface that allows users to customize authentication methods, access control policies, and other network parameters. Whether you're setting up a public Wi-Fi hotspot or managing network access for guests, luci-app-apfree-wifidog offers a convenient solution.

As an open-source project, luci-app-apfree-wifidog encourages collaboration and contributions from the community. You can find the project repository on GitHub at: luci-app-apfree-wifidog. Join us in improving and extending the capabilities of this essential tool for managing Wi-Fi access with ease.