Internet speed very slow

hello Openwrt I just flash my WE826-T2 to THE ROOTER PROJECT FIRMWARE, I'm seeing if one of you, smart people, can help me. On my cpe router any connection I put on these router is on HOTSPOT and my internet connection get very slow really fast, that is any way I can fix it, so the internet go true the wireless 4G LTE CONNETION.
I know the connections is going true HOTSPOT because I saw in my account on T-MOBILE
it's showing I got on the top of my hotspot gigabyte in 3 days.
will be nice if a can turn of this type of connection on my we826-t2 cpe router
all this trouble is because I'm traying cut the cord on "cable internet"
thanks for the help

In that case you should contact the rooter project, not OpenWrt.


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