Internet speed is capped around 500mbps

Hello everyone, I am having some trouble with the EA8500 stock firmware so I flashed my EA8500 with the newest OpenWRT 19.07 by Kong, which went through smoothly.

After I setup the PPPoE connection on WAN I did some speed tests and found that on LAN I can only get max 500mbps when wget a file from a speedtest server, which is half of my internet connection speed. I tested again by ssh to the EA8500 and wget the test file on the router, it reached 900mbps so I think the PPPoE connection is working fine from my router to my ISP.

I checked all the settings in web UI but just can't figure out why this happens, does anyone knows if there is any settings or some sort service capped my LAN speed? Thank you.

Is flow offloading enabled?

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The "service" which decreases your lan speed is called "routing" (private ip's to/from public ip's) or more precisely for the most home wan connections it is "network address translation".
Your router has the public ip directly usable and therefore no routing is required if you wget from your routers shell.

Check with top your cpu usage while you wget your file from speed test with your personal computer...

Thanks, I tested both software flow offloading enabled/disabled, by using wget in command line and downloading a test file from my ISP's server, here is the result:
flow offloading disabled:
Download speed: constant 5xmb/s
CPU: 34% idle, 65% sirq

software flow offloading enabled:
Download speed: up and down between 50mb/s to 105mb/s
CPU: 70~80% idle, 10~20% sirq

hardware flow offloading enabled(I ticked it but don't know if there is such hardware for it):
Download speed: same as software flow offloading
CPU: same as software flow offloading
I guess there is no hardware flow offloading then...

On the router:
Download speed is very constant 85.1mb/s from the beginning to the end...

So the problem is caused by slow routing from WAN to LAN and flow offloading does help a lot. Since the networks speed is very unstable up and down from 50mb/s to 100mb/s, but test on the router proven the connection to ISP is very stable, I am wondering if there is any tweak I can do to max the performance? Thank you.