Internet issue on using RPi4 as a wireless router

I am trying to build a travel router using a RPi4, OpenWrt, and a USB wifi adapter. (using the tutorial on Network Chuck)

I can connect the Pi to my home network over the built in radio, and I can connect to the Pi over the USB wifi.

When connected as stated above - If I use the Windows terminal and log in to the Pi I have an internet connection. But, there is no internet connection when I simply log in to the Pi.

Any ideas what may be going on here?

tried asking chuck? #oversimplified

Yes, sent Chuck an email - no response

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probably good to start with your wireless config, relevant parts of logread (hostapd)... etc. etc.

cat /etc/config/wireless
logread -e hostapd
iw reg get
cat /etc/config/network

and go from there...

this is also a little unclear... diagrams help... what the above says to me is;

  • onboard wifi is your WAN?
  • usb wifi is your LAN?
  • wired is just a management interface (also LAN or LAN2 etc. but seldom used)?