Internet Drop Problem

I have an Modem/Router (Modem) that I have configured to act as only a modem running OpenWrt that is connected to ASUS router (Router) that handles connections throughout the home. The internet was working fine for couple months and recently began dropping internet in about 4 hour intervals and only powercycling the MODEM brought the internet back. I checked the system logs on the modem for any clues as to what was happening and I am guessing its a DHCP renewal failure but I am not too certain.

The system log shows repeated daemon.err odhcp6c[23924]: Failed to send DHCPV6 message to ff02::1:2 (Permission denied) in intervals of about 2-3 minutes leading up to the disconnect then showing daemon.notice netifd: wan1 (14498): udhcpc lease obtained but then again numerous repeated failure to send DHCPV6 messages again.

This led me to disabling all IPv6 connections but the problem persists although I don't get that error message anymore. The kernal log didn't show any notable errors. Although possibly unrelated, I also see mwan3track[13575]: Check (ping) failed for target "" on interface wan (eth0.2) numerous times in the systemlog.

Before disabling the IPv6 connections the router did show a DHCP error notification to check the modems DHCP issue but now the internet drops and that message is no longer there.
I don't know exactly what the issue is and i'm hoping somebody does

Maybe start without mwan3 and test both? links independently first before going to the multi link configuration?

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I am not sure but it seems having the same DNS as the interface and the mwan pinging DNS were conflicting I removed the custom dns server on the br-lan interface which was the same and now it seems to be stable.