Internet disconnection forced me to reset the device manually!

I installed openwrt on my access point and I use it to get internet from my ADSL modem. But my internet connection is very intermittent (has too many disconnection) and every time I have to manually reset my access point which is installed using Openwrt. And this is very painful.

what can i do?
For example, is there a way to automatically reset Openwrt after 5 minutes of disconnection?
(My device is Linksys Viper E4200v2 with OpenWrt 19.07.7 version on it.)

What do you mean by reset? Do you mean reboot? Or are you literally resetting to defaults and reconfiguring? That is a big difference.

If the issues requires rebooting, yes. In fact, you probably can just bounce the WAN interface rather than rebooting the entire device.

You are running an old and unsupported firmware version. It has been superseded by 2 versions (the latest is 22.03.2 as of this moment). Your current firmware has potential security vulnerabilities and will never be patched (although the 19.07 series did run to 19.07.10, but was EOL'd a while ago). Please consider upgrading to the latest, and safest (and supported) version.


That Works. :grinning:
Thank you for your helpful guide.
i've installed packages watchcat and luci-app-watchcat. that gave me an extra tab named 'services' and inside of it was the 'watchcat'.

What do you mean by reset? Do you mean reboot?

I mean reboot.

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