Internet connection to Docker containers

Hi all,

I made an account so that I could post my own issue after hours of reading other peoples issues on this same forum. I have tried a LOT of things that have worked for other people but I'm not seeing what I'm missing. I'm definitely not as smart as most of you are, but I've gotten this far and I'm so close!!

I am trying to install something called HomeBridge via Docker on OpenWRT. I already am familiar with HomeBridge, and as such I was able to setup docker, and it, without incident. I need the docker container for HomeBridge to connect to the internet for many reasons, and nothing that I've tried has worked.

What can I show you to help you help me get my Docker containers connected to my Internet.


Although not exactly an OpenWrt issue, what is the docker ps -a; docker inspect NAME
Replace NAME with the container name.

From the GUI, on the firewall zone forward the traffic to WAN, on snapshot and 23.05 disable option iptable to '0' on /etc/config/dockerd.
This is my current docker config:

config globals 'globals'
	option data_root '/sda1/opt/docker/'
	option log_level 'warn'
	option iptables '0'
	option remote_endpoint '0'

config firewall 'firewall'
	option device 'docker0'
	list blocked_interfaces 'wan'

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@mypantsrblue does your HomeBridge have a custom docker network? If it does in my experience, docker on openwrt has an issue with custom networks, have you tried using the default docker bridge network? Can you post your docker-compose.yml or docker run command?