Internet connection OpenWrt on a router


i installed openwrt 19.07.02 on my fritzbox 7412.
lan is working: cable <-> pc
wifi is working: wlan <-> pc (picture)

but i don't get the internet connection to run.
i put a lan cable between my home router (lan) to the openwrt router (wan, see picture )?

the home router has the ip
my devices have ip numbers between - (both
question: which interface do i have to configure for the fix ip (picture)?

the the fix ip (openwrt) need a number between - (both, right?
then i have to stop dhcp.
do i need some changes on my homerouter?


Do you mean you have static IPs on this range set for your devices, or do you mean your devices get these IPs when you connect them to the Fritzbox

hello mhegab,
thanks for your answer.
this is the ip range from my other devices, smartphone, desktop pc, ...
i don't get a connection with my openwrt when i connect it with my home router. independent which ip i set.

Your wan port, labeled with dsl doesn't support ethernet.
This is only a two wire connection to the internal dsl modem of your fb 7412 that is normally connected to your telephone socket.

hello juppin,
so i have connect lan to lan?

Yes, you have to use the lan port as your only ethernet port for whatever you want.

I suggest configuring your fb 7412 as dumb AP because you already have a router in your lan.

this sounds good. then i can build up an vpn connection too?
is there a possibility / description to configure dumb AP it with the webinterface?

I suspected so, as it's labelled DSL, but then thought why the OP labelled it as WAN.

So, @vario, have you been using this device before you flashed it?

quote="juppin, post:6, topic:62067"]
I suggest configuring your fb 7412 as dumb AP
I suggest considering the option of getting rid of the modem and connecting it directly to the line.

So according to this, it should be an Ethernet port that can be connected to your modem.

Glad it worked. Though, the selection of which device to make the main router with depend on the specs of your devices, as well as your requirements. Also making this as a dump AP means you are not using the firewall and are replying completely on the main router's firewall (which might be up-to-date or not).

If you provide the make and model of your other router (and maybe your modem) along with your requirements, e might be able to give better help.

Check the main router's clients to see what IP it gave to your Fritzbox. Though, even if you keep it as a dump AP, I suggest you give its LAN interface a static IP.

To build a dumb AP, the LAN address should be in the same ( range of the main router. A dumb AP only has one network, the LAN, and it doesn't route anything it merely forwards wifi users to the main router at layer 2.

After changing the LAN IP, you need to disconnect and reconnect the PC so it has a 192.168.178 IP instead of 192.168.1. Then go to OpenWrt's new IP such as 192.168.1 won't be used for anything. The gateway in OpenWrt will be the main router

Once you have that working you can extend functionality beyond that of a simple AP, for example adding a VPN client or a guest network.

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I take that back. I referred to the manual, and despite my non-exisiting German language skills, it looks like the DSL port is in fact for DSL line. I don't know, given its shape, if it can be used as WAN. You can try, but it will require some work.

LAN (unless the DSL port can function as WAN).


If your 7490 DHCP server range is between .10 and .254, give your 7412 a number outside that. I would say for example.

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Go to (or whatever you 7412 IP is) and see if the WAN port is there.

The LAN IP is still set to, that is wrong. Everything should be in the 192.168.178.X range.

Also you need to turn off OpenWrt's DHCP server on the LAN network, both IPv4 and IPv6.

I don't know German to read the manual myself, so I'm going to go with what @juppin said that the "DSL" port though it is an 8 pin connector, it is not an Ethernet interface.

The WAN network is a virtual extension linked to the DSL modem and it would only become active when connected to a DSL line. If you aren't connecting this box directly to a DSL service you can ignore or remove everything related to WAN.

Where did you set then? Again a properly configured dumb AP has only one network and holds only one IP address for itself.