Internet, auto shutdown when vpn stops working

Hello, Can someone help me get, my router to auto shutdown my Internet connection when my vpn stops working?
I have a Rt-ac51u Padavan Asus router , and I use nordvpn.

Your magic Google Search Term is "killswitch". Combine that with "OpenWRT" and "NordVPN".

This may also be useful:

Be aware, though, that if you "shutdown my Internet connection" you might be unable to re-establish a VPN link. Chicken-and-egg, you see.

Anyone know how can I make a killswitch onRt-ac51u Padavan Asus router?

Did that NordVPN page not help?

If not, then first up: are you using OpenWRT on your router?

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The page linked above is most likely promoting an app-specific feature.
You can implement a VPN kill-switch on OpenWrt like this:


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